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Abstract - Research Study/Innovation Project

Congratulations on the ACCEPTANCE of your poster to IMSH 2018!

Instructions for Presentation

Registration Required

Presenting authors are required to register for IMSH 2018. If you have not yet registered, please reply to this email for the access code to register at the early bird rate.

Abstract Publication

Your abstract will be published in an upcoming issue of Simulation in Healthcare, the official journal of the Society for Simulation in Healthcare.

Poster Presentation

You are asked to prepare a poster summarizing your work for presentation at the meeting.  You will be assigned a 4 ft high x 8 ft wide poster board on which to display your work.  Posters will be on display beginning Sunday, January 14 at 12:00 PM through Tuesday afternoon at 2:00 PM, January 16.

Poster Viewing

Initial poster viewing will begin at 4:00 pm in Petree Hall.  The first 30 minutes is intended to be an un-moderated time during which authors can freely view and interact with the work of others.  During this time you are asked to be in the general area of your poster to answer questions and discuss your work.  Your poster board will be grouped next to others in your upcoming Professor Round session so that you can begin your discussions.

Professor Rounds

As an accepted abstract presenter, you are expected to participate in Professor Rounds.  Prepare a five-minute oral overview of your work, and be ready to answer any questions from both your assigned professor, and audience members in attendance.  Please plan to attend the entire time Professor Rounds is scheduled.

Professor Rounds Schedule

Sunday, January 14, 2018

4:30 – 6:30 PM

Professor Rounds Format

At 4:30 pm, formal Professor Rounds will begin.  Professor Rounds will be held poster-side this year.  We will be using a team-based moderation, with two professors assigned to most sessions.  Your specific group assignment, professors and board number will be sent in the coming weeks.

Poster Printing

The Society is not offering a poster printing service this year.  It has been under-utilized in the past.  Please make arrangements to have your poster printed on your own.

Mounted, Printed Poster Set-up

Please plan to have your poster in place no later than 12:00 PM on Sunday, January 14.  The poster boards will be located in Petree Hall, located directly across the hallway from the IMSH Exhibit Hall.  An informational desk will be located in Petree Hall on Sunday in the event you need assistance.  Poster pins will be provided, however, the boards accept hook and loop fasteners as well.

Tips for Presenting your Poster

  • Do not read your poster
  • Describe the work you have done in a succinct manner using different words
  • Prepare a 5-minute talk that briefly reviews the highlight of your work and complements the information that is on your poster. 
  • Prepare a handout with talking points in the event attendees have additional questions
  • Bring business cards so if anyone would like more information they can easily contact you later

Tips for Poster Design

The following are some tips for designing your poster.  These tips are meant as a set of guidelines.  Your institution may also have some best practices in poster design as well.

  • Keep text to a minimum using short phrases and bullets to share information instead of lengthy paragraphs.
  • Use larger fonts to make text readable – 18 Font or larger (Calibri, Arial, Times are good fonts to use)
  • Use first names with the author names to encourage discussion
  • Use headings for each section
  • Information should flow top to bottom and left to right
  • Use color to accent your poster, be careful not to let it be distracting
  • Make sure all graphs and pictures have a legend that describes them
  • Most research posters will have the standard heading of:
    • Introduction (problem studied, background information with key references, knowledge gap)
    • Purpose (succinct statement of the purpose of the study)
    • Materials and Methods (describe your study methods, sample, sim equipment used)
    • Results (if your project is complete what are your results, use graphs and tables to highlight your data)
    • Discussion (synthesis of the work compare/contrast result with current literature)
    • Conclusion (what is the value to practice, education, sim community)

Thank you for contributing this content to the meeting, and we look forward to working with you in the months ahead!

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