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8th Annual Serious Games & Virtual Environments Showcase & Arcade

8th Annual Serious Games & Virtual Environments Showcase & Arcade 

Sponsor 8th Annual Serious Games & Virtual Environments Showcase & Arcade


The SG/VE Arcade and Showcase provides an environment where users of virtual and game-based technology can collaborate and network with students, clinicians, educators, and start-ups, as well as small and large established companies.

Sunday, January 14, 2018 4:00 – 7:00 PM

LA Convention Center

Petree C & D

Presentation Schedule

The Serious Games & Virtual Environments Arcade & Showcase will be held on Sunday, January 14, 2018 from 4:00 – 7:00 PM.  We would ask you to be present at your demonstration table throughout this time period. Accepted entrants are responsible for bringing demonstration materials, i.e. laptops, video, equipment, etc.  Standard electrical power and a small table will be provided.

Presentation Format

Presenters will be positioned at a table to provide a demonstration of your entry.  The presentation format is informal.  You are encouraged to network and provide collegial feedback and discussion about all showcase entries being demonstrated.  Standard electrical power and a small table will be provided for you.  You are responsible for bringing demonstration materials (e.g. laptops, video, equipment).  Wireless internet access will be provided throughout the LA Convention Center.  It is recommended you prepare a back-up of your entry presentation, particularly if you will be using a screen-based environment.  Consider a movie clip, saved files on a thumb drive, etc.  This will allow you to proceed even if connection speed is not optimal.

IMPORTANT:  Promotional Activity NOT Allowed

No “give-aways” or promotional materials are permitted during the Serious Games & Virtual Environments Showcase.  This will be strictly enforced. The idea of the Showcase is to promote collegiality, networking and collaboration in the field.

Shipping Items to IMSH

Should you wish to ship any of your entry components to the meeting, we recommend you send it to
YOUR attention
at the hotel you’re staying at to avoid any confusion or mix-up with the IMSH shipments coming into the Convention Center as the meeting nears.

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Thank you to our sponsors for helping make IMSH 2018 a success!

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Sponsoring of the 8th Annual Serious Games and Virtual Environment Arcade and Showcase